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About School

At Bright Beginners’ Kilkari School we strive to nurture every child in our care providing consistency, innovation, excellence, igniting curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning. We offer a great environment to learn and discover new things every day. Infrastructure in our schools is built as per international standards to ensure your child enjoys the best schooling environment. Building strong foundations, we guide and inspire children to explore, discover, create and learn. We foster children’s individual needs and develop their talents, abilities, and interests. We have a unique and privileged opportunity to help, shape and develop each and every child in our care, building firm foundations for their futures.

B B KILKARI believes that children have a right to stress-free childhood, and we have shown that education can be achieved in a smiling & friendly environment. Learning can be and should ALWAYS be fun. B B KILKARI believes in the development of an individual curriculum for each child based on the child’s needs, talents, abilities, and interests. Needs include safety, security, nourishment, relationships of trust, praise and encouragement, respect and stimulation of curiosity.

Our ultimate dreams are to capture the latest and most innovative learning and teaching techniques to the use of information technology for the children to learn and experiment, we use PC, tablets and interactive touch- screen technology to support our work with children.