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About Us


At Bright Beginners we believe each child will have a unique personality to succeed with necessary supporting aids beyond one's imagination. We care about your child's mind, body and soul!


Who We Are

Bright Beginners Day care is a privately run with professional childcare services For working parents. Our Faculty has been rutty committed to provide a care plan suitable to every individual needs with bright and spacious playroom to promote learning at every stages. Our systern is designed to create successfull earners where teaching and learning is integrated into real Life experiences.


We believe in a holistic approach to care. We care Foryour child's mind with learning activities, Fuel their body with heatthyorganic food, and encourage their zest For life by recognizing their individuality and helping to build self-confidence. We never try to be replacements for parents.

We see ourselves asyour partners in their care. At BRIGHT BEGINNERS we believe communication, music and movement are very important to your child's development. Arts and craitare also important components of the curriculum. Additionally, We believe that children need to develop skills to prepare them for school and a lifetime of learning.